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Full Course Sequence:

What are each of these pieces?


Welcome to FitMoney's Curriculum HomeBase! This is an in-class curriculum consisting of approximately 26 instructional hours, optionally organized into four smaller units. Each unit has an aligned pre and post assessment available for teachers upon request to see growth and/or for grading purposes.

Please reach out at for more information or support.

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College and Career

Money Matters

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Responsible Debt & Your Financial Reputation

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Budgeting for Real Life

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Investing Wisely

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Financially Fit CERTIFICATE
(Grades 9-12)

The Financially Fit Certificate course has recently been updated. The course now includes 12 videos and 3 bonus videos on Taxes. Students can now access the course on our new platform linked below.

If you'd like to guide your students through the course, you can use this slide deck and sample note taking tool. 

For your students to continue the conversation at home, download the Family Conversation Guides that align to each video.

The New Financially Fit Certificate Platform will:

  • save students' place in the course so they can pick up where they left off,

  • unlock the assessment once all the videos are watched,

  • allow your students to automatically download their certificate once they pass the assessment.

Contact us to request a teacher code to receive your students data.



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Full Course Sequence

What are each of these pieces?

At the middle school level, FitMoney offers 19 real-world case studies that can be used in a variety of formats and classroom settings. Our goal is that much of the learning be generated from classroom discussion and for the cases to relate to life experiences faced by teens and young adults. These lessons, based around student-centered case studies, can be taught in any sequence and are designed to be implemented in two 20- or one 40-minute sessions, with opportunities for extension.

NEW: Updated in October 2023, all case studies align to new Jump$tart and CEE standards.

Please reach out at for more information or support.

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Strand 1:

Earning Income

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Strand 2:


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Strand 3:


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Strand 4:


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Strand 5:

Managing Credit

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Strand 6:

Managing Risk

Additional Math Connection Units: Below are two units that sequence several of the Case Studies into mini-units and include math based lessons at the end of each  mini-unit.

Each is aligned to the new Jump$tart and CEE standards.


Pre- and post-assessments for each lesson sequence are available customized for your school or organization, please reach out to for the assessments.

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