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Our Programs for Educators

Financial literacy habits are formed early, making it critical to begin in kindergarten and reinforce often. 


Our programming and resources for educators includes both in-school curriculum options, as well as our FinanciallyFit Online Certificate and STEM Business Plan Curriculum. 

Follow the links below for more information about each of our programs, or contact us directly for more information about how to incorporate financial literacy into your school curriculum.

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In-School K-12

Our flexible in-school program includes 5-6 courses per year. Lessons are tailored to grade level and discussion guides are available for parents.

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FinanciallyFit Online

Through self-directed learning via short videos, we offer high school certifications in English and Spanish, as well as junior certifications for grades 3-5. 

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STEM Business Plan

Our design challenge gives tomorrow’s STEM Middle School (6-8) leaders the opportunity to think critically and create solutions for current issues.

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COMING SOON: FitMoney will be launching two learning platforms for students and educators.

Meet the $uperSquad

FitMoney is bringing our 4-star financial literacy curriculum to life and launching a game-based curriculum for K-6 youth.  

Financially Fit Online Certificate

FitMoney has revamped our Online Certificate program  and will soon bring students and educators a brand new learning platform.
A sneak peek of the new Financially Fit online learning platform.
School Resources

FitMoney is proud to bring you helpful resources for the school season to prepare students of all ages for a financially fit future.