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Back to School

FitMoney is proud to bring you new at home, in the classroom, or on-the-go resources for the back to school season to prepare students of all ages for a financially fit future.

The Financially Fit Certificate Platform
FitMoney's Financially Fit Certificate program is now available for classroom integration and at home learning. The 12-module course can be completed in five days, focusing on key topics including investing, budgeting, loans, payment types, taxes, and saving.

New this year, teachers can log on to their Teacher Dashboard to view student progress, graded assessments, and strengths. Students register with a teacher code and can get started in seconds.
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Choose-Your-Adventure Learning with the $uperSquad
FitMoney is bringing our 4-star financial literacy curriculum to life and launching a game-based curriculum for K-6 youth

In the all new $uperSquad platform, elementary students can independently, or with assistance, explore Fitonia and the real-world financial decision-making scenarios from budgeting to saving.

New this year, get the entire class online in seconds by contacting us. The FitMoney team will produce log-ins for any size school or classroom.
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