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Preview FitMoney's K-12 In-School Curriculum

Our in-school financial literacy program is available to educators for free and covers elementary, middle, and high school. Lessons are flexible, tailored to grade level, and discussion guides are available for parents.


Every student deserves the opportunity to develop and empower their financially fit future. Previews of our acclaimed in-school curriculum are available at the links below. For completely free access to FitMoney's full curriculum or with any questions, please contact us. 


Our elementary school curriculum includes 4 to 6 math-aligned lessons per grade, with 31 lessons total. The pacing is around 1 hour per lesson, with additional extensions.


Preview a sample lesson on setting savings goals, tracking savings, and analyzing class savings data.

Middle School

Our middle school curriculum features 18 real-life scenario lessons that can be taught in one year or over multiple years. The pacing is flexible and designed to be taught in 20-40 minutes, with additional challenges.


Preview a sample lesson on financial goal-setting. 

High School

Our high school curriculum includes 25 lessons, divided between four thematic units. Lessons can be taught during a single semester or spread over the year. The pacing is 1 hour per lesson, with additional extensions.


Preview a sample lesson on investing and understanding interest.

The Financially Fit Certificate Platform
FitMoney's Financially Fit Certificate program is now available for classroom integration and at home learning. The 12-module course can be completed in five days, focusing on key topics including investing, budgeting, loans, payment types, taxes, and saving.

The new certificate platform allows for teachers to view student progress, graded assessments, and strengths. Available for elementary and high school (English and Spanish), students register with a teacher code and can get started in seconds.
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