FitMoney's Financially Fit Certificate equips current high school students for various future plans from college to career.

From understanding student loans and insurance, healthy investing, and analyzing paychecks, the five-day program strives to implement financial literacy for the next generation.

Now available in English and Spanish.

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Together, students hold $1.5 trillion in debt. 42 million teenagers across the country spend over $2,500 each annually.

FitMoney's Financially Fit Certificate is the perfect addition to a resume and LinkedIn to verify extensive financial knowledge and money preparedness.

Source: Forbes, Lexington Law


How long does it take to get the certificate?

The course takes five days, no more than an hour each day.

What content is covered?

Loans, insurance, investing, credit and credit scores, analyzing paychecks, and much more.



Bring the Certificate curriculum into your online classroom through our series of videos.