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Brandon Copeland is an entrepreneur, professor and professional athlete. From Baltimore, he’s now a linebacker for the New England Patriots. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Management and Entrepreneurship. He and his wife, Taylor, operate two real estate companies and Beyond the Basics Inc., a nonprofit organization to help young kids realize their true potential. He teaches “Life 101” at his alma mater, using the college classroom to arm students to make confident money decisions. With FitMoney, he steps off the field and out of the classroom to share steps to early financial success that can be done right at your dinner table.


Ep. 1 - Budgeting


Brandon starts the series with questions for students on how to budget and differentiate between wants and needs.

For younger students, discuss how to make decisions on what to buy. For older students, how and why should you build a budget?

Download our at home activities and lessons below.

Ep. 2 - SAVING


Brandon discusses how to start conversations on the importance of saving.

For younger students, discuss the importance of saving. For older students, how can they start saving money early?

Download our at home activities and lessons below.



In our final episode, Brandon shares how to start talking about investing. How do you evaluate the risks and rewards? What is the importance of the time value of money?

Download our at home activities and lessons below.

For more lessons and activities from FitMoney, visit our additional curriculum and programs available for K12.

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