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Full Elementary School Sequence:

Elementary School Curriculum Map

What are each of these pieces?

Elementary Curriculum Key

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Grade 3

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Grade 1

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Grade 2

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Grade 4

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Grade 5

Financially Fit Junior Certificate (Grades 3-5)

This certificate program is completely virtual. This brief "course" is a series of 6 videos where students will learn about earning, growing, spending and borrowing money as well as taxes and the economy. Each video is followed by a few check for understanding questions. Once students are finished they can download their certificate directly from the site!

Contact us to request a teacher code and go here to learn more about and access this virtual certificate.

(Ages 5-12)

This game-based learning platform inspires students to practice smart financial decision-making through a series of real-world activities. It makes a good solo extension activity in the classroom or as a financial literacy "center." It is also a good resource to pass along to families to continue the learning and engagement at home.

Note: Students will need a teacher's or caregiver's permission to access the entire program beyond the 7-day trial. For in school use, have students use your (the teacher's) email to grant access to the entire program.

Go here to learn more about and access the $uperSquad


Pre- and post-assessments for each lesson sequence are available customized for your school or organization, please reach out to for the assessments.