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Trick Or Treat Mystery! With FitMoney's $uperSquad Halloween Activity

FitMoney $uperSquad Halloween

Sometimes, talking about money and learning to budget income of your can be... well, "spooky"! Luckily, the $uperSquad is ready to help K-6 students take the first step on their financially fit journey.

The new $uperSquad Halloween Activity!

Now, with an all-new Halloween activity, students can join the $uperSquad online for choose-your-journey modules, lessons, and activities, and then apply their new skills to help Austen and Jordan budget for their Halloween party!

Activities for the FitMoney $uperSquad Halloween

About FitMoney's $uperSquad!

Are you ready to level up your fitness game and accelerate your path to financial freedom? Join us on this exciting journey to become the best version of yourself. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a total newbie, our community of like-minded individuals will support you every step of the way. With access to a world-class lineup of trainers, nutritionists, and financial experts, you'll have all the tools you need to crush your goals and create the healthy, wealthy lifestyle you deserve. So what are you waiting for? Log on to the FitMoney $uperSquad today and ignite your passion for fitness and finance!


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