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Don't Be Spooked: Halloween Lessons With The $upersquad

Insurance. Loans. Investing. Saving and spending can be... well, spooky!

Learning about money doesn't have to be scary. This Halloween, the $uperSquad have a few questions of their own. Here's how they're making sure this year has less tricks and more treats!

Austen thinks one bag of candy will be enough for her party guests - but the store is offering a Buy One, Get One 50% off deal. Should Austen buy more than she needs?

Deals and discounts can be tempting, but knowing what you need and reading the labels can make sure you're not haunted by any spending decision.

Why is Gabi being charged $3.10 when the price was $3?

Sales tax adds a few additional cents to some purchases. That money goes to a bunch of different places - from helping pave roads in your neighborhood to programs to help people in your community.

Where else do taxes go?

Here are a few helpful tips to make sure Delair returns the costume safely.

  • Return it on time and in good condition: If borrowed, an item should be returned better than you received it.

  • If damaged, it'll need to be replaced: You can ask the lender where they got it from if you need to purchase another.

  • Use it for the intended purposes only: If not yours, you'll need permission.

Responsible borrowing habits aren't useful at just Halloween. Borrowing money and taking out loans can have similar responsibilities.

With the $uperSquad, there's new lessons to learn everyday. From making smart spending decisions, understanding how money moves, and more healthy habits, visit our new game-based learning platform to choose your own financial adventure!


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