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Everything You Need to Know to Become Certified Financially Fit!

Over 2,500+ students nationwide are now certified financially fit by FitMoney's Financially Fit Certificate course. Will you join them?

Financial literacy is more than the math. It's a skill we'll need for life. Whether you're saving for something specific, understanding your first paycheck, paying your taxes for the first time, or just trying to understand where money goes, building confidence and knowledge on the financial landscape will not only make you more empowered when making financial decisions, but more resilient towards the economic ebbs and flows we can't directly control as consumers.

Most of us didn't grow up learning about money. Maybe you learned how to write a check in elementary school or maybe you received some allowance when you were younger, but, either way, knowing about money is like driving. You learn to drive before you get behind the wheel and onto the highway, right? Shouldn't you know how to save and spend before you do.

The hardest part for many people is getting started. Who can I trust? Where do I look? What resources are right for me? FitMoney built the Financially Fit Certificate course to be available for everyone, and free for everyone. There should never be a barrier towards accessible, quality financial literacy education.

Learning about money can be daunting and intimidating, so we're breaking down the most common questions people like you have when getting started.

How long does it take to become certified financially fit?

The full Financially Fit Certificate course is 12 modules. We recommend taking five separate days to complete different sections of content. For example, one day will include Paychecks and Taxes content, and another will include taking out loans for education and other large purchases.

What is included in the Financially Fit Certificate?

The certificate course includes the following modules: Paychecks & Taxes, Budgeting, Credit Scores, Loans, Student Loans, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Checks, Payment Apps, Insurance, Fraud & Risk, and Compound Interest.

What do I need to complete to become certified?

Complete all 12 modules and then the final assessment to become certified financially fit. All you need to know to pass is within the modules, so take notes, ask questions as you go, and practice applying what you learn to decisions you're making today or the ones you'll make in the future.

How does the course help me in the "real world"?

Whether you're taking the course to help prepare for the future or trying to learn to answer questions today, every module is built to give you all you need to know to make your own decisions. We'll never tell you what to do, just what you need to know to make the right decision for yourself. If there was a "right" way, then learning about money would be much simpler. However, your "right" way is exactly that - yours!

We'll cover what to know when building your budget, knowledge to help you decide if a student loan is right for you, and demonstrate the power of compound interest if you're able to start saving today.

Financial literacy isn't knowing an equation. It's not knowing how to balance a spreadsheet. Becoming financially literate is about feeling confident in the many money decisions you'll make for the rest of your life. From affording higher education, allocating a paycheck, saving for retirement, and whatever else your future may hold, the Financially Fit Certificate is here today to get you there tomorrow!


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