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Hear from Financial Experts: What Kids Need to Know About Money

Kids know about money different than adults

Since launching The FitMoney Podcast, we've had discussions with authors, financial consultants, teachers, and many more leaders across the financial literacy space. Across our first episodes, we've brought together different leaders to advocate for one universal mission: financial literacy for all.

We've gathered some of our favorite ideas and quotes from guests to remove the taboo surrounding talking about money, and address the importance of beginning conversations about money early. Research shows that financial habits are formed by age seven. That's why FitMoney begins financial literacy education as early as kindergarten to begin building healthy money behaviors before they're needed in the real-world.


Quote from Taylor Burton on setting kids up with healthy money habits

In our conversation the founder of Till Financial, Taylor Burton, we discussed the responsibility he adopts with his work to be an advocate for healthy, unbiased financial literacy education. Having access to unbiased education empowers young students to think critically about their own financial choices and discover the motivations that an organization may have within the financial space. The best way we can empower the next generation is to promote healthy financial decision-making, and ensure they know they have a decision they can make.


Quote from Jamie Bosse on how kids see money

We also spoke to author, financial consultant, and mother of four Jamie Bosse on how parents can best prepare their kids for everyday financial discovery.

Many first introductions to money and spending today are the tap of a credit card, the send of a Venmo payment, and the delivery of an Amazon package. It's important, especially as money moves towards a cashless system, that kids understand that there is a transaction happening. Those quick taps and deliveries are more than a moment, they exist in your budget, too.


Quote from Jim Curran on why educating kids about money is important

In our premiere episode, Cape Cod Five's Financial Know How Program Manager, Jim Curran, met with us to discuss why they are prioritizing financial education for students.

Finances are a leading cause of stress. The sooner we educate and empower students to be comfortable with financial decision-making, the greater opportunity we have to reduce stress and mitigate the results of it.


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