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How Can We Fight Financial Inequities?

Why is there such a taboo behind talking about money? Join us on The FitMoney Podcast for conversations on building healthy financial futures for everyone, everywhere.

Why do financial equities exist and how can we fight them? The answer isn't that simple, but today, we're embarking on a discussion to build confidence towards greater economic opportunities.

On this episode, FitMoney Executive Director Jessica Pelletier chats with New York Times Bestselling author Tori Dunlap, the Founder and CEO of Her First 100K and host of the Financial Feminist Podcast. After saving $100K by the time she turned 25, Tori set out on a journey to fight financial inequality and build economic opportunity for women - a goal now impacting millions worldwide.

Jessica and Tori discuss the reasons why these financial inequities exist, how we can inspire new investors, and what young entrepreneurs should know about their own financial literacy today for a brighter future tomorrow.

Stay tuned to hear from authors, teachers, creators, entrepreneurs, and much more. And, as always, for more financial literacy resources, tools, guides, games, and everything in-between, visit

About FitMoney

FitMoney is a New England-based nonprofit organization dedicated to improving financial literacy in Massachusetts and across the country. FitMoney provides free, unbiased financial literacy programs to help K-12 students develop life skills for a financially fit future. To see all modules, lessons, and videos, please visit


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