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New content, new audiences, and new conversations.

"The students and parents are VERY excited to have this opportunity for the child to learn financial literacy before graduating..."

" It's a great program for them to learn about the 'real world' and what to expect, especially since they are seniors. "

“I think what [FitMoney is] doing is extremely important.

Mrs. Baird

St. Michael the Archangel High School

Ms. Medina

J.P. Keefe Technical High School

Jason D.

7th Grade Student

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Explore highlights from all we've achieved in 2023.



We're developing and expanding our content to impact and reach more students. Now over 70 hours, we focused on enhancing our offerings to not only enrich our current users, but reach into new communities and connect with more families.

  • Nine $uperSquad modules: The choose-your-journey platform for K-6 launched in full to build financial decision-making skills.

  • Math Connections: New sequences for middle school case studies building financial concepts alongside math standards.

  • STEM Challenge: An all-new creative activity for classrooms to explore STEM and playing a greater problem-solving role in their community.

  • Financially Fit Certificate: New modules around Buy Now Pay Later and Debit vs. Credit to address the latest financial trends and questions.

  • Badge Programs: New offerings as an expansion of the Financially Fit Certificate for specific learning and in-depth knowledge.

  • Standards-Aligned Curriculum: Updated this year, new case studies align with Jump$tart and CEE standards.

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FitMoney is proud to partner with numerous organizations to collaborate on and distribute financial literacy curriculum.

  • Learn Everywhere: New Hampshire high school students can earn financial literacy credits towards graduation with FitMoney's Financially Fit Certificate.

  • ASA's EvolveMe: High school students can build "real-world" skills with EvolveMe and FitMoney by exploring key financial lessons with original lessons and content.

  • Girl Scouts: This year, new chapters joined us in educating the future generation of leaders with resources to collect financial badges and explore financial decision-making.

Explore more of our partnerships below as we deliver our mission of supporting financial literacy to your community.

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At FitMoney we know your every day is already busy, which is why we're learning alongside you on how to best introduce financial literacy in your home or classroom. We're helping lead and demonstrate conversations that make beginning (or continuing!) your financial literacy journey easier for thousands of listeners globally.

  • The FitMoney Podcast: With over 20 episodes this year, we launched new discussions with financial literacy experts to help start conversations of your own. Thanks to you, our show has reached thousands of families around the world.

  • The FitMoney Blog: The hardest part about having these conversations can often be starting them. On our blog, we're sharing new strategies and ideas to find the best next steps for your family.

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Dear Friends, Supporters and Partners,


As we celebrate the accomplishments of 2023, we want to express our gratitude to all our friends, supporters, and partners who are helping us to reach more students and equip them with the crucial life skill of financial literacy.  


This year we exceeded our goal, reaching more than 17,000 students and families, providing them with free and unbiased lessons about financial health.  We are fulfilling our vision to take the scary out of personal finance and to empower our next generation with the knowledge and confidence they need as they build their lives.  Children as young as 7 are forming their financial habits, and it is our job as educators, parents and caregivers to ensure they are built on sound and accurate understanding of money concepts.  


Because we believe financial literacy is so important to overall future success, we feel strongly that cost should not be a barrier to learning this critical life skill.  This is why FitMoney is committed to providing all resources, whether for the classroom or beyond, for free to all students and their communities.  Your financial support allows us to continue to provide tools, games and lessons at zero cost, and ensure our educators have the professional development and training to share this pivotal knowledge.


In 2017, our Board of Directors came together as parents and friends united in their passion to help close the financial literacy gap in our classrooms.  Now several years later, we are delivering robust courses in classrooms and online in the most equitable manner possible for all students.  Thank you for your continued support and generosity.  Our goal is to reach 100,000 next year, and with your help we can serve children and families with one of the most important tools for their lifelong financial success.


With Gratitude,

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Kathleen Cho Signature.png

Kathleen Choi

Board Co-Chair

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Jennifer Price

Board Co-Chair

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