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Learn Everywhere with FitMoney

Over 2,000 students have been certified financially fit.
Now, you can be next!
New Hampshire high school students can now receive financial literacy credit for completing the free, self-directed Financially Fit Certificate course. Beginning for 2024 graduates, students will need to receive a half credit of financial literacy. Now, with FitMoney, students can earn 0.25 credits at home or on the go.

Sign up and select the "Learn Everywhere" program to begin and join the 2,000+ students already certified as financially fit.
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Register for the certificate. Enter your information and select the Learn Everywhere program.
Complete all 12 modules, the final assessment, and the Learn Everywhere survey.
Download your certificate and collect 0.25 credits for Learn Everywhere.
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Visit the New Hampshire Department of Education for more information.
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