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The Learning Game Perfect for A Snowy Day (and Life Skills!)

FitMoney offers free games for online learning, perfect for snowy days

As a parent, snow days can be tough to deal with. When the schools close and your kids are stuck in the house all day, it can be challenging to keep them entertained. While it may be tempting to let them watch TV or play video games all day, there are other activities that can engage their minds and keep them entertained. In this blog post, we will explore some great activities that your kids can do during snowy days off school. We will also introduce you to FitMoney's online games and activities, which can help your kids learn about financial literacy while having fun, and make for the perfect snowy day learning game.

FitMoney's $uperSquad (Grades K-6)

Financial decision-making is an important life skill. That's why with FitMoney's $uperSquad online, choose-your-adventure game, kids grades K-6 can team up with the $uperSquad to learn skills like budgeting, saving, spending, and more.

Now with nine modules and plenty of games, the $uperSquad makes the perfect snowy day activity. While students play, they'll also learn the skills they need for a financially fit future.

The Financially Fit Certificate

Have middle or high school students bored at home? Now, they can learn about their first paycheck, online shopping skills, and much more with FitMoney's Financially Fit Certificate. With modules covering insurance, spending, loans, and saving for school, the entire course will earn your child a certificate they can use on future applications for education and work.

The Financially Fit Certificate is also available with badges programs specializing in payment types and learning to pay taxes for the first time.

Say goodbye to boredom on snowy days. Now, with FitMoney, kids can return to the classroom prepared for a financially fit future ahead.


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