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Teaching Kids Financial Skills with Their Allowance

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Building life skills like budgeting, saving, and decision making while giving kids allowance teaches financial responsibility.

Parents want the best for their kids, which includes teaching them important life skills, such as financial responsibility. That's why many parents choose to give their children an allowance as a way to teach them money management skills. But simply giving children money each week is not enough. It's important to teach them how to use that money wisely and responsibly. Here are some helpful tips on what kids should know and do when they earn an allowance.


One of the most important things kids need to learn when they earn an allowance is budgeting and saving. Help your child set financial goals, such as saving for a toy or computer game, and break that goal down into smaller amounts to save each week or month. This will help teach your child the value of saving and how to manage their money effectively. Though it may be tough at first, achieving a financial goal is extremely rewarding.


Encourage your child to think carefully about purchases they want to make before they spend their allowance. Teach them to compare prices and look for sales or discounts, and help them make wise choices based on their needs and priorities rather than impulse buying. This will help them develop the habit of being careful with their finances and thinking about the long-term impact of their spending.

A great way to practice identifying needs and wants can simply be going around the home or sorting a shopping cart. With every item ask, "How much do we need this?" When it comes to shelter, medicine, and food, it can be easier to identify. But, do we need the movie tickets? Candy? A new toy?

Be sure to emphasize it's not bad to want new things, but it's important to know where they fall in the budget you've created.


Earning an allowance also comes with responsibilities, such as completing chores or doing well in school. Make sure your child understands that the allowance isn't automatic, but something they have earned through their actions and behavior. This will help teach them the value of hard work and the connection between effort and reward.


Finally, encourage your child to give back to the community by donating a portion of their allowance to a charity or other deserving cause. This will help teach your child about generosity and the importance of supporting others, and it can also make a positive impact in their community and the world.

Quote from Harold Thomas on why starting early when learning about money is important

Teaching kids financial responsibility is an important part of parenting, and an allowance can be a great way to teach them these important skills. By helping your child learn to budget and save, spend wisely, be responsible, and give back, you can instill important values that will serve them well throughout their lives. So don't hesitate to start teaching your child these important lessons today, and watch them grow into responsible, independent adults who are confident in their financial decisions.

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