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How We Create Healthy Relationships With Money

How can we take the taboo out of talking about money? Join us on The FitMoney Podcast for conversations on building healthy financial futures for everyone, everywhere.

Talking about money can be daunting, especially if we haven't previously had a sufficient financial literacy education. At FitMoney, in our mission towards financial literacy for all, we recognize that becoming financially literate is more than balancing a budget. Building a healthy future takes a lifetime, and by starting early with access to tools and resources, we can build more financially fit futures than ever before.

But, where do we begin?

On the latest episode of #TheFitMoneyPodcast, FitMoney Executive Director Jessica Pelletier sat down with Rashawn Facey, the Dean of Students for the Gavin Middle School in South Boston and a Boston Public School teacher. Together, they discuss Rashawn’s work to empower the next generation with not only the financial knowledge they need, but what they’re asking for. From discussing what students are thinking to building financial resources for teachers, today’s episode is about creating financial relationships around positivity.

Stay tuned to hear from authors, teachers, creators, entrepreneurs, and much more. And, as always, for more financial literacy resources, tools, guides, games, and everything in-between, visit

About FitMoney

FitMoney is a New England-based nonprofit organization dedicated to improving financial literacy in Massachusetts and across the country. FitMoney provides free, unbiased financial literacy programs to help K-12 students develop life skills for a financially fit future. To see all modules, lessons, and videos, please visit


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