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Innovative Financial Literacy Nonprofit, FitMoney, Launches Podcast Hosted by Executive Director

CEO of Cape Cod Five Bank Featured on Inaugural Episode Sharing Expertise on Early Financial Planning


Dominic Amenta | DPA

Jessica Tisevich | DPA

Newton, Mass. (February 15, 2023) – Adding to their easily accessible platform for learning, FitMoney – the non-profit organization that provides free, unbiased financial literacy programs to empower K-12 students – is proud to announce the launch of their brand-new podcast “The FitMoney Podcast.” Hosted by FitMoney Executive Director and Forbes Non-Profit Council Member, Jessica Pelletier, the audible series aims to help families and educators have their own financial conversations by modeling the value of having discussions towards building a new generation of financially fit individuals everywhere.

At FitMoney, financial literacy education goes way beyond the mathematical aspect monetary management, it is a learned behavior. The FitMoney Podcast will bring listeners through discussions with financial literacy thought leaders, educators, philanthropists, to name a few, who dive in to answer the tough questions that energize both personal and professional conversations and break down how small impacts in behavioral learning can lead to great, successful moments.

“Traditionally, we were taught banks, as an institution, were in charge of providing the financial education and literacy tools needed,” said FitMoney Executive Director and podcast host, Jessica Pelletier. “I believe we are in a fortunate position to take a step back and present the foundational principles needs and wants in a more creative, approachable way, before getting into the complexities finances bring on.”

The podcast series kicks off with the CEO of Cape Cod Five Bank, Jim Curran, and other guests to follow, in no particular order include executives from ClassEquity and Till Financial along with author, Jamie Bosse. The FitMoney Podcast is now streaming on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon Music. New episodes will be published every other week, stay tuned to hear Jessica Pelletier speak with financial gurus, authors, teachers, creators, entrepreneurs, and many more on how to be financially literate. Listen to the FitMoney Podcast here.


FitMoney is a New England-based nonprofit organization dedicated to improving financial literacy in Massachusetts and across the country. FitMoney provides free, unbiased financial literacy programs to help K-12 students develop life skills for a financially fit future. To see all modules, lessons, and videos, please visit


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