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How Can We Protect Our Money from Scams? Cybersecurity Awareness Month with FitMoney

It's Cybersecurity Awareness Month, so there's no greater time to learn how to protect what you earn. Most of us probably think we can outsmart a scam or fraud online. However, as technology to help us bank, spend, and save improves... so does the technology that can stop us from doing so.

Online scams can come in more ways than you may be able to imagine. Whether a text impersonating someone you know, a TikTok "giveaway" that makes you feel like you won the lottery, or even an email that looks a lot like your banks' usual newsletter.

Because of how well scams and fraud hide, it's important that all ages share and learn the detective skills necessary to decipher what's really real and what wants you to think is.

FitMoney Podcast with guest Allan Liska, cybersecurity threat intelligence expert

This week on The FitMoney Podcast, FitMoney Executive Director Jessica Pelletier is joined by Allan Liska, a Threat Intelligence Analyst at Recorded Future, to discuss the common financial scams and frauds spenders and savers of all ages come across, how we recognize them, and then protect ourselves from. With the rise of online banking, payment apps, and more digital forms of spending and saving, it’s important we keep ourselves and our families or students, educated on what they should look out for.

As you've heard from us before: financial literacy is a behavior. It's not just the addition on your budget sheet or subtracting expenses from your income. Knowing how to protect your money is all a part of what FitMoney does to empower kids and students of all ages towards their own financially fit (and safe!) future.

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