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Celebrate Valentine's Day with this Classroom Activity

This week, love is in the air as the $uperSquad prepares to host their own Valentine's Day party. However, they need a bit help with the budgeting.

This Valentine's Day, classrooms and students can join the $uperSquad to learn healthy and life-long financial skills through modules, lessons, and choose-your-journey activities. After getting started on their own financial journey, they can help the $uperSquad of Austen, Delair, Jordan, and Gabi make budgeting decisions around a party of their own.

FitMoney Valentines Day Worksheet

Teaching financial literacy is one of the most significant gifts we can give. Understanding money early in life equips children with the tools they need to navigate a complex and ever-changing economic landscape. The effects of helping build these skills can be transformational, setting a solid foundation for responsible financial behaviors in adulthood.

After completing the activity, discuss the choices they made and the reasoning behind them. This step reinforces learning by reflecting on the decisions and realizing the outcomes.

You can download the activity now for free. Learn more about the $uperSquad here.


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