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FitMoney is a philanthropic nonprofit who provides free, unbiased financial literacy programs to help K-12 students develop life skills for a financially fit future.

FitMoney provides free, unbiased financial literacy programs to empower K-12 students with critical life skills for a financially fit future. We are the only nonprofit that is free and starts teaching financial literacy before financial habits are formed.


Financial Literacy impacts everyone with a disproportionate effect on low to moderate income and minorities.


We believe it is important to begin teaching financial literacy early and reinforce yearly to build enduring competence in money matters.

Our free, K-12 financial literacy program is easily accessible and ready-to-teach. We provide more than 75 lessons across all grades, complete with teacher and student materials, as well as formative and summative assessments. In elementary school, students receive approximately six hours of targeted class time in each gradel via a mix of interactive learning and life-skills exercises that are aligned to Common Core Standards. Our modular middle school and high school curricula can be taught in flexible formats in one compact semester, weekly throughout one year or in any number of schedule configurations. We also offer teacher professional development at no cost to schools, online or in-person.

Our ultimate goal is to grow community members who adopt sound financial habits, take full advantage of college savings and retirement programs, and control their financial outcomes.


We must instill a strong work ethic in youth to empower them to earn and manage their financial futures.

By reinforcing the value of work early, we can help children understand how they can earn money to achieve their financial goals and become self-sufficient. FitMoney incorporates at least one lesson in each grade that focuses on working and earning. Lessons include exploring careers, starting a business, and creating an economy system in the classroom with jobs and expenses.


We provide practical and motivating ways to save so families can own their financial outcomes.

Financial literacy has increased in importance as living expenses and debt levels rise, income disparity grows, and college costs skyrocket. With dwindling government aid, longer life spans, and the growing complexity of investment and borrowing options, many are unequipped to handle important financial decisions.

FitMoney helps schools build programs that leverage local banks to encourage students to save regularly. FitMoney also offers families an opportunity to save for college and career training by opening a my529 (formerly Utah Educational Savings Plan). We currently offer a one-time $50 matching contribution to eligible families who open a my529 and make deposits totaling at least $50 by the end of the school year.

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