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Your Financial Literacy Summer Bucket List

When school's out, students may say goodbye to the classroom, but life lessons continue no matter the season. Summer is a great time for kids to learn about financial literacy. Whether they are earning an allowance or taking on jobs or exploring financial decision-making right at the kitchen table, there are plenty of opportunities to teach them important skills like budgeting, saving, and investing.

Not sure where to get started?

Summer is a great time for kids to learn financial literacy skills

1. Help them manage any summer income – Whether it's a summer job or allowance, any income forces us to learn (the easy or the hard way) to spend and save. Encourage your child to set aside a portion of their allowance or paycheck as savings, so that they can learn the importance of planning for the future. To make this a learning experience, discuss if they have larger savings goals and how they can set aside money now, or if they have smaller wants that they can purchase today. There's no one "right" way to spend, but the best step towards what's "right" for them is having a conversation about it.

2. Play financial literacy games – Explore FitMoney's $uperSquad program with our new Summer Camp activity. Students K-6 can learn to budget and practice financial decision-making on-the-go all summer! Get started with free worksheets here. 

3. Have conversations – Start with simple topics, such as setting and reaching goals, or why it’s important to save for emergencies. Discussing finances in an open and honest way will help your child understand the basics of managing money and give them a chance to ask questions and gain insight into how you handle yours.

4. Give real world examples – Show them how you make decisions when shopping or dining out. Talk about how you think through financial choices and the consequences of those decisions. And discuss how saving now can pay off in the future.

By taking advantage of the summer months to practice these skills, your child will be more informed and better prepared to manage their money in the long run. With a little guidance, they can develop habits that serve them well throughout their lives!

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FitMoney helps students learn financial literacy skills


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