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Nowadays especially it can feel like we all have a little bit too much screen time. From the TV to the computer to our phones, it can be hard to avoid spending hours staring at our screens - and it's especially concerning when it comes to kids.

However, there's a way to put that screen time to good use - and what if your children or students can learn critical money skills they'll need for a lifetime while they're at it?

Best of all? It's totally free to use and ready for at home or classroom learning.

Enter: The $uperSquad.

Join FitMoney's $uperSquad heroes as they put the fun into learning about money. FitMoney provides free and unbiased financial literacy programs to empower children with critical life skills for a financially fit future. The $uperSquad games and adventures are leveled for K–6 students and built using FitMoney's robust financial literacy curriculum, which is rated 4 stars by Common Sense Education.

Students will require a parent or guardian's permission to create an account, but getting started couldn't be easier. With new modules and choose-your-own-adventure learning, students can practice making real-life financial decisions from budgeting to saving and investing, while also exploring how the economy works in your local community. Through videos, games, and activities, there's no better way to engage students while giving them the financial education they deserve.

What would it mean for your child to have a better understanding of money? How would it change their future? Financial literacy is one of the most important things you can teach your children, so why not start early?

What are some of the benefits of financial literacy for kids?

  • Improved critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • Greater confidence making decisions about spending and saving

  • Better planning and budgeting skills

  • Reduced stress around money

  • Increased likelihood of achieving financial goals later in life

So what are you waiting for? Get your kids signed up today and let them join the $uperSquad heroes as they put the fun into learning about money. They (and you!) will be so glad you did.

Get started at home or in your classroom here.


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