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350+ teachers Join FitMOney in Atlanta

FitMoney joined over 350 teachers from across the country on Saturday, November 5, at the Loews Hotel in Atlanta, GA, for the annual Jump$tart Conference.

As an official partner, FitMoney was proud to showcase the all-new game-based learning program, the $uperSquad, along with achievements in financial literacy accessibility through new digital programs and updated classroom curriculum.

In Atlanta, teachers sought new materials for classroom and beyond use to expand financial literacy education in their communities. In an individual session, FitMoney Executive Director Jessica Pelletier presented the seamless integration of FitMoney programs into any classroom - reaching students however they learn best.

Research from Cambridge University shows financial behaviors to be set by age 7. However, most students in the country aren't beginning their financial literacy education by then, even if they're receiving one at all.

This is why FitMoney advocates for beginning financial education by kindergarten. By working with teachers directly, FitMoney is able to empower classrooms across the country - expanding impact while also building financially fit futures everywhere.

Watch below to see the difference FitMoney is making in communities in every corner of the country. To learn more, visit for all programs and to get connected with our team.


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