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Celebrate Financial Literacy Month
with FitMoney

While FitMoney advocates for financial literacy education and financial capability year round, the month of April always means something special.

We are proud to share the strides we made this year to increase accessibility to financial education and meet students and their families where they are.

  • Our newly revamped FinanciallyFit Online Certificate, offering an interactive learning experience for students and providing teachers with access to student progress for easier classroom implementation.

  • The FitMoney $uperSquad, a game-based learning platform that inspires elementary students to practice financial decision-making through relatable and fun modules and activities. 

FinanciallyFit Online Certificate Platform

From understanding student loans and insurance, healthy investing, and analyzing paychecks, the FinanciallyFit program strives to implement financial literacy for the next generation.
The FinanciallyFit Online Certificate offers 2 learning experiences:
  • High School Learning in English and Spanish

  • Elementary Learning in English


The course can be completed independently, allowing students everywhere the opportunity to become FinanciallyFit certified. Upon completion, students will receive their FinanciallyFit certification to apply to future applications, job opportunities, and profiles. 

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This Financial Literacy Month, start your financial literacy journey with our five-day checklist.

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On Our Financial Literacy Family Blog

Meet the $uperSquad

Our 4-star financial literacy curriculum has come to life. We have launched a brand new, game-based curriculum for K-6 youth.
Join the $uperSquad team in your classrooms, living rooms and anywhere you want to explore new adventures and earn points on your progress. With video modules, games and choose-your-own adventure stories, we put the fun into learning about money. 
A mom talks with her two children.

Family Conversation Guides are take-home explanations of FitMoney’s financial literacy lessons, with additional family discussion questions and age-appropriate activities. 

Financial literacy impacts everyone, with a disproportionate effect on communities of color and lower-income households. 

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Begin Early

Behavioral science shows that children form financial habits by age 7.

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 In School & At Home

Financial literacy programs need to be accessible in schools and at home in order to reach everyone.

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Free & Accessible

Financial literacy programs need to be available to everyone free of charge. 

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