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Meet the $uperSquad

Our 4-star financial literacy curriculum has come to life! We have launched a brand new, game-based curriculum for K-6 youth.
Camp Background
Join the $uperSquad team in your classrooms, living rooms and anywhere you want to explore new adventures and earn points on your progress. With video modules, games and choose-your-own adventure stories, we're building healthy financial skills before you need them!

Caregivers can help their learners sign up today! Educators can email us at for classroom support.
"In a world in which so many adults are struggling with how to spend, save, and invest, this curriculum will help students with building strong financial habits early in life."

Brady T., California Teacher and $uperSquad User

about fitmoney

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Begin Early

Behavioral science shows that children form financial habits by age 7, making it critical to start financial literacy early, and reinforce yearly.

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 In School & At Home

Beginning in kindergarten, FitMoney provides in school and at home financial literacy programs that start before financial habits are formed.

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Free & Accessible

Financial literacy programs need to be available to everyone free of charge and meet educators, students, and families where they are.

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