Children begin developing financial habits by age 7.

FitMoney offers a free, standards-aligned curriculum for your students' teachers to incorporate into their math and other classes during the school day.

Since 2017, FitMoney lessons have reached more than 1,600 students. Our expanded curriculum now has lessons tailored for all students, kindergarten through 12th grade in public, private and charter schools as well as after-school programs.

FitMoney Family Conversation Guides are take-home explanations of each of FitMoney’s in-school lessons, with additional family discussion questions and age-appropriate activities. Check them out for your grade(s) and contact us to start a FitMoney program at your child’s school: Kindergarten | 1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | 5th | Middle School | High School

EconEdLink (by Council for Economic Education) provides interactive resources and lessons that make learning fun for your family.


How the Stock Market Works (by Intuit) has some great, kid-friendly explanations of financial concepts, and at-home activities to try with your kids.

Money As You Grow provides parents with resources and activities to help children build money skills, habits, and attitudes for adulthood.

Sesame Street Finance for Kids Helps young children understand what money is and how to make good choices about spending, sharing, and saving. provides parents with teaching tools to help build money savvy children as well as suggested money-related conversations and every day learning opportunities. 

Warren Buffet’s Secret Millionaire Club provides resources that help children learn about finance and business.

Bankaroo teaches children the value of money through a virtual bank model.