FitMoney Curriculum Preview

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Elementary curriculum: kindergarten to grade 5

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4-6 math-aligned lessons per grade level (31 total)

Pacing: One hour for each lessons, with additional extensions.

case study Curriculum: Middle SCHOOL (6th-9th)


18 real-life scenario lessons taught in one year or over multiple years

Pacing: Flexible; designed to be taught in 20-40 minute chunks, with additional challenges.

high school curriculum: Grade 9 through Grade 12


25 lessons, divided between four thematic units. Taught during a single semester or spread over year.

Pacing: One hour per lesson, with additional extensions.

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FitMoney Elementary School Curriculum Samples:

FitMoney Case Study Curriculum (Grades 6-9) Samples:

FitMoney High School Curriculum Samples:

Family Conversation Guides: parent engagement handouts, samples from all ages: